School Uniform

The children wear the trouser uniform or the pinafore uniform every day except on PE days. You will be notified of PE days at the beginning of each year.


Trouser Uniform: (N. Mhóra – R.4) Pinafore Uniform: (N. Mhóra – R.4)
Grey Trousers Plaid pinafore
Grey shorts in summer term White blouse (revere collar)
White Shirt Navy Cardigan (with crest)
Navy V-neck Jumper (with crest) Navy tights (white ankle socks)
Striped tie Practical shoes
Practical shoes
Skirt Uniform: (Rang 5 & 6) School Tracksuit
Plaid skirt Navy tracksuit (with crest)
White blouse (revere collar) Navy shorts during summer term
Navy V-neck Jumper (with crest) Runners
Navy tights (white ankle socks)
Practical shoes

 In the interest of equality, girls may wear either the pinafore uniform or the trouser uniform but a mixture of both is not acceptable.

Junior Infants wear the school tracksuit as their uniform. They do not need to have the trouser/pinafore uniform.

Children are allowed to wear one stud earring only in each ear. No other jewellery, other than a watch, can be worn for health and safety reasons.