Coiste Glás / Green Sub-Committee

Coiste Glás / Green Sub-Committee

The Coiste Glas / Green Sub-Committee help to promote environmental awareness in line with the Green-Schools programme.

The Coiste Glas came to the school on Friday  24th Nov to talk to the paiste about biodiversity and sustainability. Rang 5 and Rang 6 planted garlic and onions in the raised beds.

Muinteoir Breandan and Muinteoir Christina’s Rang 3 had a quiz about seeds and the paiste learned about seed saving harvesting seeds from pumpkins which were grown at school last year. They also harvested seeds from butternut squash, peppers and tomatoes. The seeds are all drying now and will be stored over winter to be planted out in the new year.

The Coiste Glas came into school recently to talk to the paistí about pollination and also planted seeds, flowers and plants with all of the paistí in the school. This is in support of the All Ireland Pollinator Plan, you can find more details and lots of information (including a book about pollination) on this link.

If you want to help the bees here are the top tips:
1. Plant lots of different flowers in pots or flowerbeds around your school
2. Plant a shrub that flowers in early spring
3. Grow some fruits and vegetables for bees
4. Provide some places for bees to nest
5. Don’t use chemicals (pesticides): They can be harmful to bees and other pollinators.